Overview A-Z

This is a collection of ways of approaching life’s daily challenges. These life hacks are dear to my heart. I hope that they will serve you as well as they have, and do, serve me.

The posts appear in a seemingly random order. In fact, I write and publish them when I find myself calling upon the approach, or reminding myself of the way things are, in my everyday life. To explore the site you may find the tags, categories and search feature most useful. Here’s an A-Z list that you may find useful too.

Shifting Relationships A brief video describing a simple life hack that expands your world of choice with relationships
Can if … or Can’t because! Can’t because … blocked. Can if … possibilities. Playing with words to make you think and open a door to future potential.
Capture a Mood Capture a mood and step into it when you choose. A brief video describes a straightforward process for you to prepare yourself to do just that.
Change Roller Coaster Just knowing that an emotional roller coaster ride is a perfectly natural human reaction to any change (big or small, profound or trivial, good or bad) helps me, somehow.
Compelling Outcomes Really want to make something happen? Prime your mind to oil the wheels of making it happen in reality.
Costs and Consequences Really want something while, at the same time, find yourself reluctant to act? Perhaps you want to reality check your intention? This ecology check may be of some use.
LEAP Today Tiresome To-Do list? Setting expectations using ‘LEAP Today’ can make a positive difference to your sense of achievement, every day.
Strike a Pose Whenever you want to feel a particular way, adopt the body posture and the matching inner feeling may blossom.
The 27 Minute Rule Keep putting something off? When something simply must be done, ‘The 27 Minute Rule’ could be worth a try.
The Power of Yet Feeling thwarted? Giving up? Give the little word ‘yet’ a try.